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Hagen Aquarium Heaters

The hagen aquarium heaters are the perfect means of bringing water temperature to an aquatic environment. With different features such as a submersible design or a power option, then there is no lack of options for those looking to care for their aquarium. With the hagen aquarium heaters you get the best of both worlds, making it an affordable choice that will bring water temperature to your aquarium.

Hagen Fluval M 200 Watt Submersible Aquarium Heater

Hagen Fluval M 200 Watt

By Hagen

USD $20.27

Hagen Marina 10.5" Submersible Aquarium Heater 200W
RC Hagen A731 Elite Mini Thermostatic Heater 50 Watt 6 in.

RC Hagen A731 Elite Mini

By RC Hagen

USD $11.60


Buy Hagen Aquarium Heaters

The hagen fluval m 200 watt submersible aquarium heater is the perfect tool for keeping your fish at a comfortable temperature. This aquarium heater has a slowef technology that keeps water at a consistent temperature, and is compatible with the many different types of fish in your aquarium. The slowef system ensures that your fish doesn't get too warm, and the noise level is low that can be easily heard by other animals in your aquarium.
the hagen radiant 50w aquariumfish tank heater is the perfect option for those looking for a heatable aquarium. This heatable aquarium fish bowl has a thermostat control a-736 to ensure consistent and constant water temperature. The hagen aquariumfish tank heater is compatible with both electric and gas aquariums.
the hagen radiant 8 50w aquariumfish tank heater is the perfect choice for those looking for an excellent water temperature and carbon dioxide levels management system. This heater has 8 50w hours battery life and is backed by a mind-boggling customer satisfaction rating. With its innovative thermostat control features, this heater can handle any water temperature up to 50c and has a long battery life of over 12 hours.